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Community Council

Governance of Griffin

The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust is the governance body responsible for Griffin as a whole with the Board of Trustees accountable for decisions made.

For more information on the Trust and how our governance structure works, please visit www.elliot (Trust Governance and Community Council documents) noting in particular the Scheme of Delegation and Accountability and Representation documents.

The Trust Legal and Governance Director can also be emailed on 


Welcome and Introduction to our Community Council

The Trust governance model recognises that Community Councils are, whilst a full and formal part of the governance structure in line with the Trust’s Articles of Association, wholly advisory bodies who focus on:

  • The ethos and values of Griffin
  • The ambition, appropriateness and effectiveness of our curriculum for our students
  • The wellbeing of students, families and staff

Community councillors are a much valued group of volunteers that play a crucial role in Griffin offering challenging but positive and proactive support to the Principal and Senior Leadership Team on behalf of the children and community that Griffin serves. They know and celebrate the strengths of the community alongside holding the highest aspirations and expectations for our students. 

Community councillors are appointed from current parents/ carers, staff and staff alongside committed individuals from the wider community. Councillors have an interest in the education and wider opportunities offered by Griffin to all pupils and have some free time to give to supporting the school.