Vision and Ethos

Our aim is to ensure that all of our students have a happy and exciting time at Griffin; that they become good learners able to understand and engage positively with the world. We offer rich experiences and diverse opportunities to meet the needs of every Griffin student.


At Griffin, we believe that our students learn best when they are challenged, engaged and inspired.

We achieve this through our Inside Out Learning model; this ensures an innovative curriculum to meet the needs of all our young people.


Our curriculum model encompasses many things to make our vision a reality. We take learning from inside the classroom to the outside world and into our Forest in the City; we strive to achieve our personal best (inside ourselves) and work together as a team. We express our ideas and feelings to the outside world through the Arts and our SMSC and Personal Development programme.


We work hard to live our vision: ‘Experience the world with us!’ and ‘Give your best, get the best!’ aspirations that capture our philosophy that learning is about actively engaging with the world and striving to achieve our personal best at all times.


On Inside Out Fridays we learn in an exciting way, by working on a creative project across the day, incorporating different curriculum areas, which helps students build on and apply the skills they have been learning throughout the week in an innovative way. Sometimes the whole school joins together to learn through the same Big Inside Out Friday theme!


At Griffin, we live our vision to meet the needs of every student. We are proud to be an inclusive and multi-cultural school, where many students are learning English as an Additional Language. We also have students with a variety of different learning needs who need additional support and students who need challenges in a different way as they excel in some or all areas of the curriculum.


We expect our students to work to the best of their ability in all curriculum areas and to have lots of fun!

We offer a wide range of enrichment and enhancement opportunities within and beyond the school day experiences to ensure that every young person at Griffin has access to a broad, balanced and enriched education. 


An important part of our vision is our partnership work with families and our local community.  

We know that in order for young people to develop as kind, healthy people, a positive partnership between our parents/carers and our Griffin staff is vital, so your opinions and support are both valued and welcomed. 

The Elliot Foundation Academy Trust's vision can be found here.